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Robust and Agile Solutions Built Specifically for the Needs of System Engineers

Vitech’s software is designed with the engineer in mind - delivering elegant precision for difficult problems and an easy to use interface to help new users get up to speed quickly. From CORE’s rich and capable modeling engine to the enterprise connectivity of GENESYS, you will be able to deliver model-based systems engineering with ease to your entire organization.

Vitech Offers Two Distinct Software Solutions

CORE, Systems Engineering Tools GENESYS
CORE provides engineers with a powerful solution for building highly complex system models with rich connectivity across domains. Supported by a robust simulation engine, CORE provides end-to-end coverage of the system development process from requirements to V&V. GENESYS is a scalable, enterprise-ready solution that meets the needs of teams of engineers seeking to collaborate across domains. Using an open architecture, GENESYS gives you the agility to bring together data to feed your system model from across the enterprise.

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"Real-time analysis- The ability to provide decision-makers with important information does not, alone, make the information actionable. The information must be provided in a timely manner. When using the MBSE methodology, we can minimize the time required to perform an analysis through reduction time spent on redundantly defining elements, manually recreating relationships, and visually ensuring conformance to diagram notations. Further, stakeholder requirements can be propagated through the entire model as quickly as they can be captured."