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GENESYS: Enhancing Systems Engineering Effectiveness

Built upon insights from over 20 years with CORE, GENESYS is Vitech’s next generation software delivering connected systems engineering across the enterprise. Reengineered from the ground up, GENESYS implements proven model-centric approaches leveraging modern technologies in a completely open architecture. The result is the power of a full MBSE environment with the usability of modern office tools integrated with your desktop, engineering, and enterprise environments to deliver your data your way.

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GENESYS 7.0 Now Available!


Build Accurate System Models with a Proven Architecture for MBSE

Feed the System Model with Data From Across the Enterprise

Get New Users Up and Running Quickly and Easily


GENESYS combines a proven, model-centric approach to systems engineering with an enterprise-ready architecture, giving you the ability to deliver model-based systems engineering (MBSE) seamlessly and consistently across your project team. GENESYS takes the guesswork out of implementation and delivers on context-driven modeling for complex systems engineering problems.

The collaborative nature of GENESYS provides tools for all phases of model based systems engineering to:

  • Collect, import, and manage requirements
  • Examine use cases, define system behavior, and perform functional analysis
  • Create and modify architectures
  • Test models with on-board simulation enabling virtual prototyping from the earliest stages of system definition
  • Use pre-populated templates to generate industry standard documentation or create your own reports with drag-drop simplicity

GENESYS helps you make the shift to MBSE

Winning new business with elegant solutions takes harnessing the collective power of your entire organization.

With GENESYS, all your data share a common repository. Designs can be traced across domains so no requirements are missed and no "orphan functionality" is created. Everything ties together providing a consistent view for the project team, delivering the best practice of whole-life traceability.

Broad Connectivity

GENESYS delivers connectivity through a collaborative framework that supports today’s geographically dispersed engineering teams.

The Power of Integrated MBSE

Build better models and deliver better products:

  • Integrated requirements management
  • Fully executable behavior models
  • Architecture development tools
  • Validation and Verification

GENESYS Activity Diagram

Comprehensive Understanding of Problem Domain

As product development becomes more complex, it is critical that you have a firm grasp on all the drivers for your design. GENESYS provides a full view of your problem domain through innovative tools that keep your model connected and traceable.

Completeness of Design

Launch into your next project review with confidence by using GENESYS to describe all aspects of your system. Because GENESYS is integrated with a central model repository, once you’ve published a baseline you’ll be able to archive and build on the design with confidence. Project risk is reduced because changes won’t send you back to the starting point. GENESYS helps you manage complete designs from day one and gives you capability to:

  • Maintain a valid architecture in the face of changing operational conditions
  • Trace costs through system components and subsystems
  • Identify and correct gaps in functionality quickly through rigorous test paths.

GENESYS Sequence Diagram


The layered approach of STRATA™ is built in to GENESYS™ and gives you the assurance of a continuously optimized design.

Communicate with Clear Intent

GENESYS gives you a powerful new medium to capture the intent of your system and effectively communicate across your team.

Feed Models with Sources from Across The Enterprise

The system model is a linchpin in the engineering process. Feed it with data from sources including project management, requirements capture, costing, risk assessment, and other groups.

Minimize Start-up Time

An intuitive, ribbon-based interface drives easy adoption for new users. Context-based diagrams provide clear understanding of all aspects of the model.

GENESYS N2 Diagram

GENESYS Block Diagram

Leverage SysML Views

GENESYS comes ready to deliver SysML representations out of the box. If you need to leverage the power of SysML but want the flexibility of an integrated approach, GENESYS brings these elements together so you don’t have to compromise.

Flexible Reporting

Standard reports are easy to create with GENESYS. Users will be up and running in no time with the standard drag-drop report generator.

Model the Gaps

Capture details the right way by modeling interfaces between subsystems. Use information from across the enterprise to give interfaces the context to close the gaps.

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