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CORE 9: Product Design and Development Success Through Integrated Systems Engineering

Representing over 20 years of insight, development, and application on literally thousands of projects worldwide, CORE is Vitech’s original and most featurerich systems engineering software. With unmatched power and a proven heritage, CORE continues to deliver critical systems engineering support for existing projects as well as new customers seeking a focused, stand-alone systems engineering environment.

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Coherent and Consistent Design

Intuitive Graphic Capability

Automated Design Documentation

Coherent and Consistent Design

CORE allows you to build coherent and consistent system designs meeting your customer’s needs. As the system design is matured the underlying design repository captures the system elements and the relationships between the elements developed by the design team. Changes made in one design area (e.g., in requirements) are reflected in other areas (for example functional allocation) to ensure that underlying design is complete.

Reduce System Design Effort and Control Project Risk

Leverage CORE’s integrated modeling capabilities to assess and control design and lower overall project risk. By linking all elements of your system through a central model, you’ll have greater visibility into system drivers which in turn allows for efficient project management by identifying areas requiring additional resources during system development and testing. Ultimately your design team will develop better systems, with increased performance, meeting test and evaluation criteria with ease to deliver products to the delight of your customer.

CORE's Consistent Design

CORE-trained teams are taught a layered approach to system design to ensure that system design is completed at one level of the overall system concept before proceeding to lower levels. This process enforces a coherent achievable system design to the lowest level of the architecture

CORE also provides a responsive, graphical, drag-drop environment to build complex, highly connected models quickly without sacrificing the integrity of your solution. Dynamic tools and easy-to-use pallets make construction the right way simple to learn for new users.

Drag & Drop Capability

Taking command of change early means building a highly integrated model in an environment that will help you make quick adjustments during the course of your project. CORE arms you with the tools needed to swiftly respond to project changes. Unlike static, inflexible attempts to capture design, CORE’s modeling approach makes it easy to turn project change into a competitive advantage.

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