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CORE 9: Product Design and Development Success Through Integrated Systems Engineering

Representing over 20 years of insight, development, and application on literally thousands of projects worldwide, CORE is Vitech’s original and most featurerich systems engineering software. With unmatched power and a proven heritage, CORE continues to deliver critical systems engineering support for existing projects as well as new customers seeking a focused, stand-alone systems engineering environment.

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Coherent and Consistent Design

Intuitive Graphic Capability

Automated Design Documentation

Intuitive Graphic Capability

CORE gives you a responsive, graphical, drag-drop diagram construction environment to build complex, highly connected designs quickly without sacrificing the integrity of your solution. Diagram construction pallets allow for drag-drop of system design elements and constructs similar to other system design drawing tools.

Manipulating Diagrams

You’ll get your project started faster and be up and modeling quickly with CORE’s graphical environment. New users benefit from an intuitive interface while power users have all the tools needed to tackle the most complex models.

The power of CORE becomes visible when it is time to generate a graphical presentation of your system design. Because CORE maintains the system design in an underlying database, all of the elements and their many relationships are maintained in the system design repository and form the basis for CORE’s many views. Producing a view in CORE is a matter of querying the system design repository for the information required to produce the selected graphical view. These queries are launched with a simple selection of the Tab allocated to that view in the CORE interface. In response CORE returns the information in the manner prescribed for that particular view. To the user it is a simple matter of clicking on the Tab and instantly seeing the selected view.

CORE offers a rich selection of SysML, behavior, and physical views all available at the click of your mouse. No redrawing, no reformatting, just your data the way you want it at the instant you request it. It doesn’t get any easier or any more powerful than that!

CORE provides an advantage over other tools when completing system drawings. The graphical depictions and changes on the screen are simultaneously reflected in the underlying system design repository. This means that changes are one diagram view are automatically reflected in related views without having to redraw the related views. This information is also reflected in any automated document generation to avoid editing textual documents related to the diagram.

Freezing the Design

Through the addition of element and attribute locks to complement CORE's underlying access control framework, CORE 9 delivers flexible control over short-term change control (for example, during project review cycles) and long-term project evolution. CORE 9 introduces the ability to lock individual elements, packages, folders, or the entire database. Once locked using the Manage submenu, these elements cannot be changed until they are unlocked by an administrator. In addition, where you have an attribute that should never change once set, the attribute definition can now be marked accordingly.

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