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GENESYS: Enhancing Systems Engineering Effectiveness

Built upon insights from over 20 years with CORE, GENESYS is Vitech’s next generation software delivering connected systems engineering across the enterprise. Reengineered from the ground up, GENESYS implements proven model-centric approaches leveraging modern technologies in a completely open architecture. The result is the power of a full MBSE environment with the usability of modern office tools integrated with your desktop, engineering, and enterprise environments to deliver your data your way.

Build Accurate System Models with a Proven Architecture for MBSE

Feed the System Model with Data From Across the Enterprise

Get New Users Up and Running Quickly and Easily

The GENESYS Platform Scales to Meet the Needs of All Systems Engineers

Capable Architecture Fits Seamlessly with Corporate IT

Today’s IT environment is challenging due to increased security, evolving standards, and changing computing platforms. GENESYS was built with the enterprise in mind and has out-of-the-box compatibility to make it easily integrate into existing IT infrastructures.

A Rock-Solid Data Model Built on SQL Server

A proven data schema implemented on Microsoft® SQL Server® gives your mission-critical system models a secure foundation. GENESYS Collaborative Edition is built on SQL Server Express® so you can implement immediately with no extra cost. Enterprise-ready implementations of GENESYS Server and Web Server use the full capability of SQL Server®.


GENESYS is built on strong user authentication protocols that are standard so users can bring their own credentials to the tool and it will know how it should treat that user. LDAP Integration Brings All Your Users Into the Project.


Complex systems projects require levels of customization at times. Bring a fresh and open capability to your customization efforts by leveraging the standard scripting capabilities in GENESYS. Standards-based web service infrastructure is scalable and fits into enterprise IT systems seamlessly.

Train New Users to Become Proficient Quickly

GENESYS offers a variety of options to deploy to individuals, small teams, and large systems groups. The architecture is scalable and provides a central server capability to add users quickly and securely.

GENESYS Editions

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