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GENESYS: Enhancing Systems Engineering Effectiveness

Built upon insights from over 20 years with CORE, GENESYS is Vitech’s next generation software delivering connected systems engineering across the enterprise. Reengineered from the ground up, GENESYS implements proven model-centric approaches leveraging modern technologies in a completely open architecture. The result is the power of a full MBSE environment with the usability of modern office tools integrated with your desktop, engineering, and enterprise environments to deliver your data your way.

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Build Accurate System Models with a Proven Architecture for MBSE

Feed the System Model with Data From Across the Enterprise

Get New Users Up and Running Quickly and Easily

Become Productive Faster

GENESYS reduces the learning curve for new users by guiding them through a simple model construction process that starts with requirements and flows through behavior and simulation. Coupled with the STRATA methodology, the GENESYS interface provides a familiar environment to model properly. An intuitive, ribbon-based interface drives easy adoption for new users. Context-based diagrams provide clear understanding of all aspects of the model.

Drag-Drop Model Construction

Select the constructs you need to build robust models quickly from a palette of options. Users can relate to standard functions and identify the elements they need quickly to build the right relationships.

GENESYS Constructs

Build Relationships Faster

GENESYS was designed with the systems engineer in mind and provides simple tools to create strong coupling for effective models. For example users can edit properties and link elements to build relationships for traceability in a simple, intuitive style.

GENESYS Relationships


Navigate Complex Models

Simple screen zooms and viewers show where you are in context to complex diagrams. Scroll and zoom to find the exact component you need at any time.

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