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Stop drawing and start modeling. Stop spending time engineering your tool suite and start engineering your system. GENESYS and CORE from Vitech are the only truly comprehensive MBSE software products available across the industry. Built by systems engineers for systems engineers, the Vitech solution delivers integrated support from initial concept through final design to enable your project success.

  From early-stage brainstorming to final detailed design, viewing the problem and solution space through multiple viewpoints enhances insight and creativity.

Built on more than 40 years of proven results, Vitech’s GENESYS and CORE software solutions both deliver rich model-centric capabilities to underpin your project success. Regardless of which product you choose, a single integrated model connects the problem (from concept of operations to formal requirements) through solution (both logical behavior and physical architecture) to verification, validation, and even program management.



CORE™ provides engineers with a powerful solution for building highly complex system models with rich connectivity across domains. Supported by a robust simulation engine, CORE provides end-to-end coverage of the system development process from requirements to V&V.




GENESYS is a scalable, enterprise-ready solution that meets the needs of teams of engineers seeking to collaborate across domains. Using an open architecture, GENESYS gives you the agility to bring together data to feed your system model from across the enterprise.

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