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A Primer for Model-Based Systems Engineering

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Vitech is pleased to announce the publication of our 2nd Edition MBSE Primer. An electronic copy can be downloaded free by filling in the information below.

The primer addresses the basic concepts of model-based systems engineering. It covers the Model, Language, Behavior, Process, Architecture, and Verification and Validation. It is a call to the consideration of the foundational principles behind those concepts. It is not designed to present novel insights into MBSE so much as to provide a guided tour of the touchstones of systems design. It is a guide to the new MBSE acolyte and a reminder to the experienced practitioner. It is suitable for use by a systems engineer new to the practice of "model-based" systems engineering, an experienced systems engineer who has been introduced to "model-based" concepts in an ad hoc fashion or by any professional knowledgeable of systems thinking and practice. It is not intended as a comprehensive guide or as practice handbook.

Download the full Primer by filling out the form below, or download in Japanese language HERE.


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