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Be confident. Be intelligent. Enable intelligent architectures with Vitech.


Move beyond disjoint architecture views and develop integrated architectures. CORE delivers native support for DoDAF 2.0 viewpoints seamlessly integrated with requirements, analysis, and verification to provide a complete system definition. Freeing your team from the high cost and error-prone approach of manually updating artifacts, CORE provides on-demand generation of views and work products enabling you to focus your efforts where they are needed most – on developing quality architectures to meet the needs of your customer or enterprise.


Leverage the power of architectures across your organization with intelligent architectures. Through the strategic application of systems engineering, intelligent architectures integrate the architecture, the system implementation, and the business enterprise to yield emergent business value. Gain new levels of insight and exploit new opportunities by performing trade-offs of business strategies, system architecture design strategies, and implementation strategies in a single integrated executable model. Leverage integrated support to explore engineering, architecture, and business alternatives and deliver on your best enterprise solution with CORE.


Validate your architecture through integrated execution of your operational and system models. CORE’s integrated model provides the insight and inspiration necessary to develop defensible product architectures. Directly executing these models with push-button ease provides dynamic analysis of architecture performance. Rapidly verify dynamic integrity and evaluate candidate solutions to minimize cost and maximize insight.

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