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Enterprise Architecture Software - Integrated Systems Architecture

An effective product strategy or system development study must incorporate a solid definition of the architecture and the operating environment. From the initial definition of the system boundaries to the final complete set of system specifications and required representations, system architecture is a crucial focus of the design process. Hardware, software, people, facilities, interfaces, and costs are just some of the components of a given architecture. The variety and complexity of these components create a significant challenge for the design team.

Vitech helps you manage all of the architectural components with ease through the use of highly connected models that link components with function to provide traceability and verification at all levels. This level of integration provides the basis for true insight across domains.

The STRATA methodology coupled with Vitech’s software suite delivers the perfect engine for greater insight earlier in your project. For example, what is the impact of a component failure? How does this affect the desired functionality of a given system or subsystem? What capabilities have been compromised? Or, from the other perspective: What effect does a given change at the requirements level have on the existing or proposed system design (or cost)? Vitech’s integrated approach provides instant answers to any number of queries that can't be replicated in other tools that emphasize point-solutions or focus solely on representations.

Formal specifications, graphical representations, queries, data files for inclusion elsewhere - all are available from Vitech’s software in an on-demand capacity. Obligated to produce DoDAF products? CORE allows you to focus on the engineering first and produce any or all of the DoDAF products at any point in time.

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