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Missing a key requirement or failing to account for a change made by your customer will put your project at significant cost and schedule risk. Managing the sheer volume of requirements needed for a complex project is challenging and not to be left up to spreadsheets and out-dated document management tools. Further, as your organization makes the shift into model-based systems engineering, well-managed requirements that feed the modeling approach are the foundation for success.

Working from a live integrated design repository, GENESYS and CORE maintain a single source of truth for your system design effort and your systems engineering team. Key knowledge is shared across the team and preserved across project life-cycle phases, increasing alignment and reducing errors. With the latest information available on demand, team members operate at “thinkspeed” rather than searching multiple documents or querying multiple disjoint (and inconsistent) tools for the critical data they need. Sharing a common context and a complete picture spanning the systems engineering space enables team members to respond quickly to customer needs, changing requirements, and new design ideas alike with updated diagrams, artifacts, and systems specifications generated automatically at the touch of a button.

Vitech helps you manage the complexity of your design and provides the ability to:

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