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STRATA: Driving Consistent Project Success

Adopting an ad hoc system engineering method in the face of today’s complex program environment can quickly lead to project failure. Launching your critical projects without a sound approach to systems engineering is risky, potentially setting your project back beyond recovery and costing you future opportunities.

STRATA™ is a practical methodology developed around well-proven engineering principles. Hundreds of programs executed over four decades have leveraged the clear logic and value delivered from STRATA’s layered, iterative approach. Teams of engineers come together more quickly and gain deeper insight when following STRATA.

Migrating to model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is easier when you follow the STRATA methodology. The agility of an executable, model-centric design built with a layered approach means your engineering team can to take on more projects, have less rework, and demonstrate deeper traceability. This prized combination makes your organization more competitive, lean, and profitable.


STRATA and MBSE: Efficient Engineering

End-to-End Traceability

Complete traceability throughout your project is at the root of STRATA. Create well-constructed system models that always remain connected by using incremental refinements and seamless transitions between domains (requirements, behavior, architecture, and beyond). Being able to ‘close the loop’ at any time to see the impact of your decisions leads to quicker insight and changes that deliver better designs. STRATA’s incremental development approach means that you are always ready for project reviews, capable of showing full traceability at a moments notice.

Repeatability Drives Efficiency

Duplicating project success is the key to growing organizations and maintaining systemic profitability. A portfolio of disjointed systems projects applying different systems approaches creates management overhead and impedes effective communication. Failure to consistently apply a shared approach impairs cross-project exchange and inhibits corporate learning.

STRATA helps you standardize your systems development and ensures that projects communicate effectively leveraging common concepts and language. This brings efficiency to your organization and drives down the risk and cost of each project. The repeatability of the allows your engineers to easily transition between projects, empowering corporate agility and accelerating project success.

Approachable and Trainable

Engineering teams must be able to grow and develop in capability. As new engineers join projects, it is critical that they are provided tools and processes to help them contribute quickly and stay aligned with the rest of the team. Easy to learn and apply, STRATA enables your team members to come up to speed quickly and become proficient system practitioners.

STRATA’s consistent language allows engineers to collaborate more efficiently. Systems development best practices are more easily shared when they can be discussed with a common vocabulary and rich models, rather than disjointed drawings from dissimilar tools.

Adaptable to Change

Changes in your project will occur. Your ability to handle the inevitable shift in milestones, requirements, or operating environment will determine project success or failure. The STRATA approach gives you ability to respond by showing you how to build flexible system models in a way that can be quickly changed without costly rework. Building and rebuilding models takes less time when you follow the STRATA approach, meaning you have more time to evaluate decisions and determine the best course of action.

At a time when you need answers and quick response, STRATA provides help not hindrance. Reuse of model components, iterative verification, and logical interface connectivity all provide you the tools you need for rapid recovery from change.


Building the right model in the right way means your team will have more time for thoughtful analysis, intuitive decision-making, and winning responses to customer needs. Understanding cost trade-offs and performance risks in the face of evolving requirements can only be done successfully with a highly integrated system model. STRATA helps you organize your work and your team to build meaningful models that enable rapid trade-off analysis and early insight.

Empower your entire system team to design in confidence and take command of project success by applying the STRATA methodology.

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