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Your goal is a complete design that can survive the rigors of customer audit and validation against critical requirements (“V&V”). The hallmark of an optimized product is the ability to easily close the loop and demonstrate responsiveness to true customer needs. Vitech delivers peace of mind when it comes to V&V by providing an integrated simulator that checks logic and functional flow, as well as tests critical triggers throughout the design process.

GENESYS Model Simulator

Using Vitech’s application of the MBSE process results in a consistent, comprehensive, unambiguous, executable, and abstract representation to evolve and verify an integrated set of system, people, product, and process solutions that satisfy your customer needs. Vitech’s software platform enables you to build a singular abstract representation to record and analyze aspects of your project relevant to understanding the problem and its solution. From this one model, you can extract multiple graphical, object, and textual views required to perform analysis, trade studies, and provide specifications to designers that are guaranteed to be both consistent with each other and accurate relative to your current model baseline.

Vitech’s verification process allows the design team to quickly and conveniently:

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