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See our Newest Videos

Digital Engineering Basics: Product Model Creation Using MBSE

Digital Engineering Basics

As Digital Engineering continues to gain momentum, the question of how to define a useful product architecture becomes critical. In concert with Zuken, Vitech presents this first webinar as part of a three-part series exploring the digital engineering development process using a video drone example. Using Vitech’s GENESYS software, a system context is defined that includes the drone, remote control, a phone app, a GPS satellite, and the operating environment. You’ll see how the entire scope of the project is captured, along with key design variables that drive technical performance and overall business value.

You’ll learn:

  • A systems engineering approach to defining a useful product architecture
  • How product requirements are incorporated in the product model
  • The value of modeling the system context and use cases to elicit and understand product requirements and interfaces
  • The construction of an architecture that supports robust, detailed design
  • The use of SysML diagrams and rich visualizations for building and reviewing the product model
  • Ways to expose the product model to others in a format tailored to their needs

Enhanced Failure Modes and Effects Analysis FMEA Capabilities in GENESYS with Brian Selvy

Learn about the updated FMEA extension for GENESYS. The presenter will give an overview of the new capabilities, and will demonstrate the full feature set, including traceability back into a robust MBSE project. Learn how the new FMEA extension allows you to create:

  • Reusable Lists and Specializations of Failure Modes
  • Failure Causes
  • Failure Effects
  • Failure Detection Methods
  • Failure Prevention Controls
  • Mitigation Activities

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