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Vitech offers multiple opportunities to increase your knowledge in systems engineering, DoDAF, and MBSE. Each webinar is focused on providing program managers and systems engineers with a common framework – and approach – that can be utilized in the development and design of complex systems.

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Developing the Next Generation of Systems Engineers

Thu, Apr 22, 2021 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

Developing the Next Generation of Systems Engineers

Corporations and universities are two very different organizations that share a common challenge: How do we best develop the next generation of systems engineers for the problems of today? University professors prepare students by giving them a grounding in discipline fundamentals. Corporations deliver practical experience in solving complex problems. Recognizing the different viewpoints, what insights can we share to improve and accelerate the development of 21st century systems engineers?

What You’ll Learn from This Webinar:

  • The approaches taken in the modern systems engineering classroom—what has been added, what has been dropped, and how today’s students respond
  • Insight from professors of systems engineering as to how you can improve your efforts to provide professional development for your systems engineers
  • The strengths and gaps of young engineers as they transition from the university to the workplace
  • What corporations are looking for in young systems engineers

What you’ll gain from Vitech webinars:

  • Learn how architecture-driven engineering can revolutionize your enterprise
  • Learn about the newest features in the latest GENESYS release
  • Learn tips and tricks in GENESYS
  • Learn about the latest developments in SysML
  • Be inspired by thought leaders in systems engineering

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